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sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2015


By João Oliveira - Brazilian Psychologist

When the Knight stopped at the top of the mountain all over the city could see the brilliance of his Red Horse and bow in his hands announced who he was and his power.

-Where is she? Said to meet us here didn't you? – Asked one of the two other knights who accompanied him.

You well know that she soon more does not fail – said that the Knight mounted on a beautiful white horse smiled.

-I know I'm going to bother you with my mind, but I think you should have eaten more of that stew for dinner ... I'm feeling – and the black horse rider was interrupted by the other two.

-We already know: hunger.

-You're not something else – said the rider holding a jar mounted on his white horse.

-Good! We can't just sit here, if it's not I'm going to go down and work this with my power. Look, just look at me are already intimidated. I will destroy everything and we can go back to our well-deserved rest.

It's not War, I'm the one who can destroy any faster. My scale of inequality will turn them all into hungry in a few days. Will be faster and less noisy than you. – Said hunger in his black horse.

-You don't even know who you are. Am I that I can annihilate everyone with my lethal virus. My name is and I have, here in this jar, the most dangerous diseases in the world.

-Stop! -Shouted a man who was under the mountain – please wait the fourth Horseman, not come down without it. Please!

-How? – Asked hunger – why would we do that?

Because the apocalypse is annihilation and the three of you only bring suffering, but never the extermination. Without death, pestilence, war and famine only generate torment and pain, but never will end. Only death can do that.

-He's right, "said hunger – that's why she gets here on time and often comes alone. Releasing people without suffering some.

-Shut up Hunger-said the plague – Well you know that she's the only one who can operate on us.

-So – questioned the War-Someone to go back and eat some more of that stew while we wait for the star of the party to arrive?

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