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segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2015


 By João Oliveira Psychologist 

There was one wall. Actually it existed and exists since man was created. Overhead is that citizen who is always on the fence and chewing his doubts, he looked at two distinct characters one on each side of the wall.

On the right was God (yes Himself) with arms outstretched toward the subject and calling him all the time: - "Come child! Salta toward my hand, here will give you support, welcome. Come close to me my son! "
Already on the left side of the wall was in the Devil strangely quiet. Sitting in a rocking chair with a blanket over his legs, the devil was reading a newspaper and smoking a pipe or upward looking.

The citizen made a quick analysis: - "Well, if the devil does not try to call me is because he is absolutely convinced that their side is the best. God is calling me every minute, this must be a sign of insecurity, for its part must be much worse. "

After this thought the citizen, who has always been on the fence, jumped toward the Devil. Getting there discovered the obvious: boilers, skewers, moaning souls, a hellish heat (of course) and much suffering.

Disgusted with his bad decision went to a private individual site owner - "Your Devil, did not understand anything, why was not calling me just as God?" The Devil immediately answered: - "And because I call someone that is already within my territory? "

It turns out that those who do not make decisions, who is on the fence no say in anything in life, is already in hell. Shirk responsibility to take any position, believing that this will save you from conflicts, ends up creating something much worse is the growing impossibility.

On a road there are several corners where should we go on our journey of life. Many are the times to leave the straight line is even necessary to claim our rights. Even happiness, to be lived, may require a drastic change and a serious decision making.

If you omit everything is not wise. Believe that this makes it immune to the effects that can result from a result or another is nonsense. Best would be to analyze situations, choose a course of action and, if everything was downhill, start over with new choices.

Look around and see where this act leaving only because he fears hear contrary positions. The criticism will always exist and people are already talking bad about you for any reason, particularly if you take no advantage of anything in his life.

Even in the Bible it is clear: "I know your deeds, know that you are neither cold nor hot. Best would be that you were cold or hot! So because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth. " (Revelation 3: 15-16)

Decisions are not only important, they are necessary. Participate in the movement that generates results makes us productive, only reason to be here.

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