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segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2015


By Beatriz Acampora - Psychologist 

In a humble community a man was expert fabricate ceramics. He worked well the clay, gave unusual shapes and led to the oven at high temperatures so that they consolidate and stay totally waterproof. Her ceramics were known in the neighborhood as last long and could be washed or stay under water.

This man also enjoyed walking in a pirambeira which was a few kilometers from the community where he lived. There he just looked down and watched the movement of the waves and the noise they made. I felt absolute peace and was sure that if I closed my eyes feel that the sea was talking to him.

One day, looking at the beautiful scenery and possession of a ceramic pot with cork lid that had done to serve you water site, he had the idea to write something and put into the bottle to throw overboard. He took a piece of a banana leaf that was near and wrote a simple sentence. He emptied his pot, put the cork to seal well and hoped the retreat waves to play the pot to the sea.

I thought maybe someone, somewhere far away, could read those words. It felt good to do this and went home to do more pots that could be thrown overboard. He was married and had two children. His family questioned why so much excitement in doing the same pots every day. And he explained that felt good to play pots overboard with words he himself wrote in a banana leaf.

At home no one gave value to the fact. After all, he was spending time and materials that should be used to support the family. His children criticized him and nicknamed him "shooter pots". The man was undeterred and the end of time had made 30 pots, written phrases in banana leaves and thrown overboard. These were the only 30 pots that he did and threw overboard.

In his passion for the ocean, the man invited his family for boating. And in the middle of the tour the boat had a serious mechanical failure and sank. With the exception of his eldest son, all they submerged with the vessel. In an attempt to save, the only survivor struggled until he saw one of the bottles that his father had thrown overboard floating. It was a small bottle, but he clung to it with all his will to live. He spent some time floating and taking the bottle as your guide, until he saw an island and with great effort swam to her.

Once arrived on the island, much mourned the loss of his family and, after much whining, looking at the bottle, he thought: "This bottle saved my life. What do you have in it? " He opened the bottle and came across a piece of banana leaf a little aged, on which was written: "Happiness must be lived, even though it may not be shared."

And it was then that he understood that his father was not a "shooter pots" but a sower of words. Some of these pots, most likely, were found by people who had the opportunity to taste words and reflect on life. Others must still be floating somewhere in the ocean and, who knows, you may even be lucky enough to find one.

Although many words have already been placed, it is necessary to rescue them in the ocean of life. After all, the whirlwind of information of the times, they hide many bottles with his valuable teachings. We need to align the way to seize them.

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